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Seth Rollins’ best tweet ever

Seth Rollins’ time online has always been a roller coaster ride. He’s relatable as a fan of bands, video games, and his beloved Chicago Bears. His defenses of WWE, its creative process, and its product played so negatively it contributed to his on-screen heel turn.

But last night he hit us with a tweet (and matching ‘Gram) that even haters can’t hate, and that should shoot to the top of even the biggest Rollins stans’ power rankings...

If Seth was thinking about leaving Twitter again, this could be a good time, because it’s gonna be hard to top that one. He could even peace out on Instagram this time, too. Hell of a mic drop, these.

In all seriousness, congrats again, sir & Man! Wishing you and your growing family all the best, and thanks for sharing part of your journey with us!

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