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It sounds like WWE’s COVID-19 testing falls well behind AEW and UFC

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer painted a bleak picture when it comes to WWE’s testing for the coronavirus, in comparison to UFC and AEW:

“[UFC is] doing 1,200 COVID tests in one week...AEW is testing everyone. WWE has still yet to do, as far as I know, one test. Which surprised me, because a lot of people were thinking that now that AEW is testing and UFC is testing, that WWE would follow suit to keep.”

The notion that WWE has not done even a single test seems difficult to fathom. Then again, this is Vince McMahon that we’re talking about, as Meltzer further explains:

“As it was explained to me, Vince McMahon is not receptive to the outside world. He finds what’s going on in the outside world to be an annoyance because it is getting in the way of his vision. He’s got a vision, and all these people are getting in the way of what he wants to do.”

On the last two episodes of Dynamite, AEW has made a point to have the commentators state that everyone in the venue has been tested for COVID-19. Chris Jericho has also mentioned the coronavirus in his promos. Meanwhile WWE flat out refuses to mention the coronavirus on television, which is behavior that’s consistent with the whims of a stubborn man who is not receptive to the outside world.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound good at all for WWE. It sounds like this is more than just a difference based on testing availability in Jacksonville compared to Orlando.

It will be interesting to see if WWE starts making further announcements about what they are specifically doing when it comes to COVID-19 testing. It’s hard to ensure the safety of their wrestlers, staff, and crew, if there isn’t much (or any) testing taking place.

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