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Asuka is rewriting the WWE record book

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Sasha Banks: I’m a six-time champ

Bayley: I’ve held every women’s championship WWE currently has

Charlotte Flair: I’ve won every women’s singles title in the company at least twice

Becky Lynch: I just ended a 399 day reign as Raw Women’s champ

Asuka: Hold my beer

That’s quite a list.

I wouldn’t count on her slowing down, either. After again proving how endearingly entertaining she is during Lynch’s pregnancy announcement last night, Asuka’s cemented herself as one of WWE’s MVPs (not to be confused with WWE’s Montell Vontavious Porter) during the empty arena era. And with stars in short supply these days, I can’t see them reducing screen time for someone as charismatic as The Empress of Tomorrow.

You ready for more Asuka?

Trick question!

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