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Mr. Money in the Bank, NXT champ booked for SmackDown

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WWE announced two segments for the Fri., May 15 edition of SmackDown (which was apparently taped yesterday along with Raw; next week’s episode of both the red & blue shows will be filmed today).

One is pretty standard for a post-Money in the Bank episode. The other might be a result of the new brand crossover gimmick, or it might just be that the brand split rules haven’t applied to Charlotte Flair since she won the Royal Rumble. Or that the “rules” have never mattered.

Otis will be on Miz TV, where the MC M-I-Z and Johnny Drip Drip will surely have some things to say about our Blue Collar Solid hero and the title shot he’s holding after the briefcase fell to him on Sunday night.

If the past month or so is any indication, Charlotte will cut a promo about how she’s the greatest, get interrupted, make the person who interrupted her tap out, then tweet about how tough they were.

Sound good? See you Friday night!