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The wrestling world celebrates Becky Lynch’s impending motherhood

In a really well-done, emotional scene on the May 11 Raw, Becky Lynch announced she’s stepping away from WWE to be a mother.

It means the end (at least for now) of a game-changing run. That alone would garner a lot of reaction from peers, fans, and pundits. But especially since Becky’s pregnancy is such happy news, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s ever claimed Rebecca Quin is anything but a very good person... well, people are very excited for The Man and her man, Seth Rollins.

We’ll start with the three women she’ll forever be linked with in the history books. Charlotte Flair bends but doesn’t break kayfabe...

While true heels Sasha Banks & Bayley stick to quote-tweeting Becky’s thank you message to the fans.

Her bosses went a similar route, and not being able to ask for a match with Stephanie McMahon brought the feels back for Bex:

Beyond that group, congratulations came in all kinds of tweets from all over the company...

* Context for Kairi’s can be found here.

On behalf of the entire cSs community, we’ll add ours as well - here’s to the health & happiness of the entire Lynch/Rollins (aka Lopez/Quin) family, however big it ends up getting!

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