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Becky Lynch announces she’s pregnant; Asuka crowned new Raw women’s champion

We knew Becky Lynch had a big announcement to make, because WWE told us of as much. We just didn’t know what it would be.

Then, she walked out at the Performance Center when Monday Night Raw went on the air with the women’s Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. As the Raw women’s champion, that seemed really odd.

Then she started talking.

And crying.

She spoke of big changes coming, and her wanting WWE to up the stakes for Money in the Bank. She was really grateful for the fans, for both loving and believing in her, and it’s why she wanted to tell us first: she has to go away for a while.

Asuka hit the scene then, wanting her briefcase back. Lynch revealed the Money in the Bank ladder match wasn’t actually for the briefcase. It was for what’s inside the briefcase — the Raw women’s championship.

Asuka is your new champion. And Lynch put her over huge on the way out.

Then, the bombshell:

Congratulations to Becky Lynch!

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