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More announcements coming from WWE this week (SPOILERS)

In addition to whatever Becky Lynch will announce on Raw tonight (May 11 - and click here for an update on part of what she’ll be doing on the show in an hour or so), John Pollock of Post Wrestling reports WWE has two other big pieces of business they plan to handle this week.

The first is said to definitely be rolled out tonight:

“WWE is set to introduce a ruling that will allow for some crossover between Raw and SmackDown, which comes at a time when numbers have significantly declined on both shows.”

If that sounds kind of like the Wild Card Rule the company just ditched, that’s because it is kind of like the Wild Card Rule the company just ditched. They apparently want to make this “a simpler version”, but who knows what that means. Especially because the Wild Card Rule was largely just cover for them to use whoever they wanted on Raw and SmackDown - and this will likely be that, too.

Pollock also says “the status of the Intercontinental championship will be addressed this week”. Sami Zayn won the belt from Braun Strowman at Elimination Chamber, and hasn’t appeared on television since defending it against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 36. Word is he took WWE up on their offer to allow talent to sit out shows produced while stay-at-home orders are in place for much of the country.

Now the belt will go to someone else. And that person might be able to appear on either Monday or Friday. Or maybe even Wednesday. Who knows?


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