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Shayna Baszler uses an Alexa Bliss tweet to try to kickstart Horsewomen feud

After dominating the NXT women’s scene, Shayna Baszler arrived on Raw and went straight into a feud with the champ. That didn’t end well for Baszler, but Becky Lynch is one of WWE’s top stars, so maybe the were just taking a slower approach?

She did get into the Money in the Bank “Climb the Corporate Ladder” match. But while it took signature moves from three other wrestlers to put her down, Shayna never even made it onto the roof and didn’t factor into the finish.

It’s enough to have some people asking if her main roster run was already in trouble. But Baszler may have a plan.

To get there, we have to cover some social media activity from Alexa Bliss. The Women’s Tag champion wasn’t booked for the PPV yesterday (May 10). And when the top ten Money in the Bank cash-ins were counted down on the Kickoff show, Lil Ms. Bliss didn’t make the cut. Peter Rosenberg and Scott Stanford joked she was #11, but that wasn’t good enough for some of her fans. Especially when Bayley made the list with the same kind of same-night cash-in Alexa pulled off in 2018.

Bliss thinks she knows why that happened, and it’s because of her (not unfounded) belief that WWE pushes the Four Horsewomen of NXT (Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair & Lynch) over the rest of the women’s roster:

Which was just the set-up Baszler needed:

It’s possible Shayna could get a push on her own in the not-too-distant future. But kickstarting the beef WWE’s been teasing since the first Mae Young Classic back in 2017 would guarantee her a spot in a main event-level program. It’s smart of her to remind fans of that possibility.

Could there be more to it than that? Her fellow MMA Horsewoman Ronda Rousey stirred up a whole lot of crap a few weeks back... but that she went silent right afterwards makes it seem like that wasn’t set-up for a comeback. WWE didn’t even bring the other two members of the group, Baszler’s NXT back-up Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke (who is said to be injured) with her to Raw - and that duo rarely showed flashes of developing into much more than henchwomen when they were on-screen with her on the black-and-gold brand, anyway.

No, my guess is this is just the Queen of Spades reminding everyone she has ready made heat with four of WWE’s biggest names. Which, again, is a smart play on her part.

Let’s see where it takes her.

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