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If R-Truth attacks Tom Brady, it’s on Fox

R-Truth found himself on the main card of Money in the Bank last night (May 10). Unlike in past years, though, he didn’t get confused and think he was in the match for the briefcase - even though it was taking place in one of his favorite vacation spots!

That’s good, because it meant he didn’t have to face his fear of ladders. Or spiders.

He still was plenty confused, though. Truth seemed to think there were fans in the Performance Center responding with “WHAT’S UP” when he called for it during his entrance rap. Then after MVP had Bobby Lashley take his place in their match, and Lashley squashed him, Truth had this conversation with Charly Caruso.

Truth thinks he defeated MVP, but he’s upset because he can’t celebrate. To do that, he needs to win back the 24/7 48/7 7/1 I-95 South 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue title for a 36th time. And to do that, he’s “gonna sack you Tom Brady!”

Come again?

We’ve had our fingers crossed that Truth would get a chance to interact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new quarterback ever since current 24/7 champ Rob Gronkowski unretired to re-team with his old New England Patriot pal. Not gonna lie, either. This Pittsburgh boy would love to see TB12 get What’s Up-ed right into the turf, too.

Could it really happen? There’s a network that partners with both WWE and NFL that seems to be egging this on...

Do it, Truth. Sack that Tom Brady and get your baby back. No one will blame you. This is Fox’s bad.

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