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We don’t know about Rey Mysterio, but Aleister Black is a ghost now

Both men were thrown over a ledge on the roof of WWE HQ by King Corbin at Money in the Bank last night.

There were a pair of spots during the “Climb the Corporate Ladder” Money in the Bank match(es) at this year’s edition of the PPV of the same name that had people concerned last night (May 10).

I maintain we weren’t supposed to think King Corbin threw first Rey Mysterio and then Aleister Black all the way to the ground from the roof of WWE headquarters. WWE had repeatedly given us overhead views which showed the set on top of Titan Towers was multi-tiered, and the ledge Corbin was chucking dudes over had another lower level just a few feet below it.

Also, they put in a sound effect for their landings that was louder and quicker than it would have been if they’d splattered on the pavement ten stories below.

Possibly (kayfabe) messed up real bad? Sure. (Kayfabe) Dead? I don’t think so.

But, I could be wrong.

Mysterio hasn’t said anything. So he could be either messed up real bad or dead. Black however tweeted this...

Can ghosts tweet? If they could, would they tweet pictures of themselves?

Somebody ask AJ Styles. And don’t believe him when he says he’s not a ghost. I’m not sure if ghosts tweet, but I know that ghost lies.

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