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SmackDown hacker’s games continued at Money in the Bank

Neither WWE or whoever is behind the SmackDown anonymous hacker gimmick ever promised a big reveal at Money in the Bank last night (May 10). But the message The Message posted on May 3 indicated something would happen.

That video declared “let the games begin” along with hints pointing to 5/10/20 at the WWE Performance Center.

Between then and yesterday’s PPV, we got some teases from Fox about CM Punk, and a warning from the hooded figure on the May 8 episode of the blue brand’s show. It led up to this...

Along with what looks like the opening of Person of Interest (shout out to The Machine; suck it Samaritan) we get this voiceover: “They want to know who I am. I am everywhere. I see everyone. I hear everything. I am the truth, and no one is safe.”

Then we pan out and see that our hooded figure has even more monitors than we thought! And they use them to watch a lot of WWE Network, apparently.

Over on their Twitter page, the bio reads “Look up”. Their location is Stamford, Connecticut’s Veterans Park. So...


... yeah, I got nothing.

The mystery continues to be fun, but WWE’s going to have to decide when to give us something substantial to keep our interest. So far, the only meaningful thing the hacker’s done is reveal Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler’s shady deal to Otis & Mandy Rose.

That’s when the games began. Now we’re waiting for them to continue.

We’ll see if anything happens Friday.

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