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WWE Money in the Bank 2020 results, recap, reactions: Two counts of manslaughter

Otis and Asuka are your Mr. and Mrs. Money in the Bank winners.



Did NOT see that coming!

Let’s hit the most notable stuff, and then we’ll unpack the rest.

  • Auska started off on the second floor balcony, and dived off to take out all the women.
  • The men started in the company weight room and used various machines to their advantage. Corbin broke a mirror with a weight plate. That’s coming out of your paycheck, bud!
  • Rey ran into Brother Love after he finished up in the bathroom.
  • There was one spot in an elevator bank that had ring ropes on the walls and Bryan got Corbin tangled up in them, and while he Yes kicked Corbin, Otis did the Yes chants!
  • The women end up in a conference room, where a briefcase with money hung over the table. Dana smashed Nia with a chair and climbed up to get it. Stephanie McMahon in a terribly shot spot, clearly not in the same room, made an appearance.
  • AJ Styles had a bit of PTSD as he turned a corner and saw Undertaker in a picture on the wall. Then he opened a door and a casket was on the floor.
  • The men and women meet in a big room and Paul Heyman was at a table with food, so naturally a food fight commenced. Otis then found the cafeteria where John Lauranitis rode in on his People Power electric scooter and Otis shoved a pie in his face.
  • AJ and Bryan brawled into Vince’s office. He turned around and both men stopped in their tracks. Vince shouted “Out!” at them and they fixed his conference table chairs and left. Vince then sanitized and carried on about his business.
  • Baron Corbin - “I’m going to the roof!” Smart, dude. Good idea.

And that’s when we got to the final stretch. Nia and Lacey were the first in the ring, and Nia set up a ladder after disposing of her. As Nia climbed, Asuka attacked her, but was unsuccessful. Lacey gave Nia a Women’s Right and took her out. Asuka and Lacey had a back and forth ladder spot, but it was Asuka who got to the top and grabbed the briefcase.

That was after a weird spot where Corbin got in the ring and… tried to prevent her from grabbing the briefcase. Why? Dude would have won easily if he left her alone. With Corbin out momentarily, Otis started to climb the ladder but once again the first step broke! Baron Corbin committed manslaughter TWICE! He threw both Rey and Aleister off the roof. AJ and Corbin fought up the ladder and had the briefcase in hand, but Elias smashed a guitar over Corbin’s back, which caused it to slip from AJ’s hands and right into the arms of Otis.

So… alright. There were bright spots and head scratchers.

First, the head scratchers. Most of Corbin’s spots, with the exception of breaking the mirror in the weight room. I liked that, and his look of “Shit I’m going to have to pay for that” was great. He committed two murders. The police should be looking for him right now. I’m wary of how WWE will explain that one. Holy shit, that Stephanie McMahon spot was hot garbage and completely unnecessary. After strong and borderline psychotic booking on Raw, Shayna Baszler did really nothing of note in this match. She never even made it to the roof! Finally, Elias interfering means we’re getting more of that feud. Whew boy! Not excited for that!

Now, the bright spots. Asuka was booked to perfection. From start to literal finish. Even though I didn’t peg her to win, she deserved it after this performance. I’m a Brother Love mark so I cackled at him coming out of the stall. Undertaker seemingly playing mind games with AJ could lead to a potential second match? Boneyard 2 at SummerSlam perhaps? I’m down! Vince McMahon didn’t do much, but his role was perfect. Otis winning was legitimately shocking. There is a lot of fun stuff that can happen with this result, and we’ll talk about that soon.

The Rest

Braun Strowman def. Bray Wyatt - Bray started the match cheerily, chuckling at Braun and his strength. Braun dominated him for the first half, then Bray sidestepped while Braun charged at him on the outside and Braun went over the announce table. Huskus appeared behind the barricade cheering Bray on! Bray’s ring psychology as the FFH host is masterful. His hesitancy to do harm and being apologetic about it is real dedication to this character.

And then the storytelling was taken to a new level. Braun popped up from the floor in the sheep mask and embraced Bray as all the FFH players were around the arena welcoming Braun home. Swerve! Tricked by Braun, Bray let his guard down and paid for it. The reason why I think it worked is because Braun has been pretty one dimensional since he turned face the first time. Once the puppets were shown, it was clear that this match was taped at some point. I then expected the Fiend to show up, but I think it’s better that he didn’t. He will be. Soon.

Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins - Before we get into this, let’s quickly address NEW MUSIC FOR SETH! Entering to a choir rejoicing and bright lights is EXACTLY what this iteration of Seth needed. Wonderful!

This was all about putting Drew down. Seth did multiple suicide dives and knees on the outside, continuously resetting the ref’s 10 count. It was a bit repetitive but necessary to wear down Drew. It worked for the most part but Drew got the fire back. Seth’s double and sometimes triple superplexes spot is always one of my favorites, and against a man like Drew, it’s so impressive. Both men sold each other’s moves great.

Because of the slower pace, it ended up not being as good as I expected it to be. The new music hyped me up for a really great time, but I was let down. The ending was the best, with a battered Drew thanking Seth for giving him a true fight. Drew is a phenomenal babyface and that is exactly what I’d expect from him.

New Day def. Forgotten Sons, Lucha House Party, and Miz and Morrison - This match had a nice blend of flippy and powerhouse. Metalik and Morrison took everyone out early. Forgotten Sons really targeted New Day which was smart. Dorado drop kicked Miz and moonsaulted Morrison at the same time! LHP and Forgotten Sons were great and had time to shine in this match, which I expected for Forgotten Sons, but I was pleasantly surprised LHP got it too. Once Jaxson Ryker was thrown out for interfering, I knew FS were out.

A lot of really smart decisions were made by all teams here. The right tags at the right moments, great pacing and awareness, and interference where it mattered. Made for a really fun opening match and set a positive mood for the night.

Bayley def. Tamina - Before the match, Kayla Braxton asked Sasha if Bayley blamed her for their loss on Friday and Bayley interjected saying no, and that she’s going to beat Tamina because she’s the most dominant champion we’ve seen. The look Sasha shot Bayley and Kayla as Bayley walked up the stairs. You tease.

Loved Bayley bullying Tamina to start the match, like that was going to do anything. Bayley worked Tamina’s right leg viciously and it was smart, because she was able to take real advantage when Tamina went for a super kick and Bayley scouted it and countered into a submission. After Bayley threw a bottle of water at Tamina she snapped. But Sasha interfered for her bestie and distracted Tamina. This was one of Tamina’s best matches in recent memory.

Now we need to see it happen. But while it has been foreshadowed as Sasha, I really think Bayley should be the one to do the deed. And it should happen at Backlash. I will wait to see what happens on SmackDown before fantasy booking further.

MVP Bobby Lashley def. R-Truth - MVP was given the night off by Lashley. How nice! Truth “accidentally” slapped Lashley to start the match and Lashley put him away pretty quick. No Lana in sight.

With Asuka winning, I hope that she becomes a floater and teases cash ins with all 3 brands’ champions. It’s only fair since Charlotte got to use her Rumble win to go to NXT. I’m so excited for Asuka’s antics with this briefcase. As for Otis, like I said before, there’s a lot of stuff that can be done. It can cause dissension between himself and the absentee Tucker, Tucker or Mandy could play a role in Otis unsuccessfully cashing in, or someone could challenge Otis for the briefcase and he loses because of a heel turn by Tucker or Mandy. This storyline has been a highlight on SmackDown so adding the Money in the Bank briefcase to it also adds intrigue and makes me wonder, who is going to be the turncoat? I’m not envisioning a successful cash in.

I enjoyed this show, and even more so that the murderous King didn’t win the briefcase. The slow pace of Drew and Seth and the unnecessary R-Truth and MVP/Lashley stuff where a more important segment or match could have been were my lows. Hey, that could have been the Mandy vs. Sonya spot! It was harmless fun, though.

Tom Brady better watch his back.

Grade: A-

Happy Mother’s day to all our Cageside mommas! What were your thoughts on the most unique Money in the Bank?

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