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WWE Money in the Bank 2020 results: Braun Strowman beats Bray Wyatt at his own game

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Now he’s gonna have to deal with The Fiend.

A children’s show host made his way to the ring to challenge Universal champion Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank on Sun., May 10. Bray Wyatt had smiles & waves for the audience at home (the WWE Performance Center in Orlando was, of course, devoid of fans). He even a few encouraging words for announcers Michael Cole & Corey Graves!

The Firefly Fun House laughed his way through much of the champ’s early onslaught, even giggling after being whipped into the barricade and sent face-first into the steel steps. Wyatt eventually baited the Strowman Express into charging him while he was leaning on the announce desk, and was cheered on by Huskus the Pig Boy as he DDT-ed Braun on the floor.

While he was in the driver’s seat, Bray could be heard apologizing to Strowman. It didn’t stop him from hitting a tornado DDT from the second rope and a Sister Abigail, though. The Monster Among Men kicked out of that, however. And Wyatt started talking to someone else before going for a second Sister Abigail. He paused before hitting the move, and that created an opening for Braun to counter with a chokeslam.

After a back-and-forth sent the champ to the outside, he emerged from under the ring wearing his old Black Sheep mask.

Bray celebrated, saying “I told him I could bring you home. Everything will be perfect this time.” All the Fun House puppets showed up to celebrate Strowman coming home, but it was a trick. Braun ditched the mask and powerslammed Wyatt.

He screamed in victory that he was his own man now. We’ll see what The Fiend has to say about that.

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