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WWE Money in the Bank 2020 results: Asuka climbs the corporate ladder

The Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match may have been taking place in Stamford, Connecticut at WWE Headquarters. And it may have been going on as the same time as the men’s match. But that didn’t mean we were deprived entrances!

Lacey Evans, Nia Jax, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, and Dana Brooke started in the elevator lobby (the men were in a weight room somewhere else on the first floor). Asuka was on a balcony above the elevators...

... at the bell, she crossbodied her rivals. That allowed her to get on an elevator and force them to take the stairs. The action crossed over when the men’s match spilled onto the elevator, and Asuka ditched it when she saw Baszler, Evans and Carmella brawling on the next floor they stopped on.

Action spilled into a conference room, where a gag about Dana not knowing where the briefcase was gave us a Stephanie McMahon guest spot. The Billion Dollar Princess informed Brooke she was only in the Money in the Bank conference room... the real case was on the roof. Also, she needed to get a drooling Jax off the floor.

There were some real wrestling moves after a food fight skit with Paul Heyman, as Nia sent Dana into a vending machine and put Carmella through a table before sharing a moment with Otis.

Dana slipped on a freshly mopped kitchen floor, and Baszler was taken out by a kick from the Empress, a Woman’s Right from Lacey, and being power slamed into a wall by Nia. The remaining three women made their way to the stairs - and eventually the roof-top ring. As a rocking video game soundtrack blared, Jax was the first to set up a ladder. Asuka and Evans quickly caught up to her though as something like a traditional match ensued between those three.

Asuka eventually managed to elbow Lacey down onto Nia - and for some reason fight off King Corbin? - to grab the case.

That was weird, and I’ll need some time to digest the decision to turn it into a comedy match. But I’m ready for more Lynch vs. Asuka.


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