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Otis wins men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

WWE went way outside the box for this year’s Money in the Bank ladder matches, putting the men’s and women’s matches on at the same time at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The idea was all the participants would start on the ground floor and fight their way to the top, where a ring was set up on the roof with the briefcases hanging above it.

The winner is whoever got the briefcase down.

That winner was ... Otis?

The fellas started in the gym, where they brawled all around. Baron Corbin broke a mirror while AJ Styles was throwing trash cans at Otis. Daniel Bryan, Aleister Black, and Rey Mysterio were chasing each other all around, even running into Brother Love coming out of the shitter.


It turned into a weird mess of a “match,” where Styles was chasing Mysterio around and getting intimidated by posters. Then they all ran into Paul Heyman, who was staring down a feast, and a food fight ensued. In the melee, Shayna Baszler choked out Mysterio.

They built to a spot where Nia Jax and Otis squared off, the latter getting a bite to eat while doing so, before they split off to go get the briefcases. Naturally, Otis was distracted by both pie, and Johnny Laurinaitis on the old “People Power” scooter. He got pie faced.

Later, Vince McMahon made an appearance when Bryan and Styles brawled into his office and got kicked out. But not before straightening up the chairs they messed up. Vince quickly used some hand sanitizer.

Corbin was the first to the roof and up the ladder but Asuka was already there and she knocked him away so she could take the briefcase down to win the women’s match. That still left the men’s briefcase to be fought over, of course.

Eventually, everyone made it up. Corbin very casually threw Black over a ledge. Shortly after, he went up the ladder with Styles and they fought over the briefcase. When Styles took if off the hook, they both had possession. That’s when Elias showed up to hit Corbin with a guitar, at which point Styles fumbled the briefcase and it dropped right into the waiting arms of none other than Otis.

“Mandy, I did it!”


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