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The budding Sasha/Bayley feud now has an NFL Hall of Famer, scalp conditions, and deleted tweets

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Amidst her otherwise career-best character work on social media, Tamina retweeted a Head & Shoulders ad from NFL Hall of Famer and fellow Samoan Troy Polamalu. She uses it to take a jab at the person she’s feuding with on TV, SmackDown Women’s champ Bayley.

A bit of a reach, but not bad. A cheesy joke about a scalp condition fits with the gimmick she’s working of trying to overcome her anger by being over-the-top cutesy.

This isn’t just building the title match between Tamina and Bayley at Money in the Bank, though. It could be building to something there’s a lot more anticipation for.

Sasha Banks chimed in with a hastily deleted tweet agreeing with her best friend’s challenger. It was up just long enough for folks who follow The Boss’ moves online to react, and capture it for posterity.

After the deletion (the Ryback kind, not the Broken Matt Hardy kind), Sasha played innocent. And at least in Twitter kayfabe, Bayley is none the wiser...

Last Friday, Sasha did nothing after watching Tamina superkick the champ’s face off. Will things escalate further on SmackDown tonight? Will we hear more about Bayley’s flakes? Is this how the former Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection hope to keep their program alive until next April? Any way my favorite free-ranging safety can show up in WWE sometime between now and then?

Join us in our live blog tonight to find out the answer to probably no more than one of those questions!