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2020 grads don’t get a ceremony, but they do get John Cena reading Dr. Suess

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Traditional graduation ceremonies are among the many, many things COVID-19 has disrupted in our lives. In any other year, seniors at colleges and high schools all over would be picking up their caps & gowns right now. Parents & partners would be planning parties and making dinner reservations to celebrate the graduates they’re so proud of.

Alas, social distancing guidelines mean those things aren’t happening. At least not in the traditional way we’re accustomed to. Instead, we’re getting things like the “Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Virtual Graduation Celebration”, taking place online today (Fri., May 1).

Similar to upcoming streaming keynote addresses from folks like Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James, Random House and Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ event will feature famous folks offering advice and encouragement to 2020 grads.

Unlike other virtual keynotes, this one has brrrrr... appledough!

Sure, you’re missing out on hugs from great-aunts you hardly know and a kegger with your crew. But can the class of 2019 say John Cena called them “footsy”?