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We’ll take Jeopardy & pro wrestling for $400, Alex

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In late 2019, we got a couple crossovers between “America’s Favorite Quiz Show” and everyone’s favorite pastime where people fight through morality plays in various states of undress.

The return of this unlikely alliance on the episode of Jeopardy! which aired on April 30 wasn’t nearly as exciting as an entire category. It definitely wasn’t as good as an all-time great channeling Big Poppa Pump to hype a Jeopardy! tournament. But it’s still pretty cool.

The $400 answer in the category “What does it stand for?” during last night’s Double Jeopardy round was...

Weird way to get to “what is ‘World’?”, but okay. And hey, it allowed a released wrestler a few seconds of fame!

If the past six months are any indication, we can expect pro wrestling to pop up on Jeopardy! a couple times a year. More elusive than a Daily Double, but we’ll take it.