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Gronk can’t stop calling himself the ‘24/7 title champion’

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WWE surely loves that Rob Gronkowski takes his 24/7 title with him when people point cameras at him. Things like a little screen time on The Masked Singer aftershow, After The Mask, are part of why they aren’t too worried about getting the green-and-gold strap off of him.

Other reasons include: they don’t have any other ideas for it anyway, it’s not really a concept that lends itself to the age of social distancing, and they really hope football comes back so he can carry it onto a Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ training camp or game day field.

But back to the matter at hand. Gronk’s White Tiger was eliminated from the current season of The Masked Singer in early April, which mostly just means he now qualifies to provide commentary and analysis on Fox’s hit celebrity guessing game/singing competition.

Appearing on After The Mask doesn’t really require expertise on belting out cover tunes in a wild costume, though. It calls on Gronk to do the same thing WWE hired him for... to be a character. That’s how he ends up grinding like a stripper (with moves which will be familiar to anyone who watched his SmackDown debut) on the latest edition of the post-show.

But not before showing off his WWE prize! A prize he can’t stop saying makes him the “24/7 title champion”:

It makes me wonder... does Gronk refer to himself as a three-time Super Bowl trophy champion?

Oh well. At least he dropped “belt” from the name this time. This is one time Vince McMahon probably doesn’t care what it’s called, anyway. WWE will take their mainstream pop culture rub however they can get it.