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Heel Candice LeRae puts her first victim on the NXT Injury Report

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It’s not clear whether Kacy Catanzaro’s strained neck is a result of Candice LeRae’s Wicked Stepsister finish, the post-match Garga-No Escape, or a combination of both (plus the work done during the match itself). But whatever it was, the Poison Pixie’s first opponent since explaining her heel turn last Wednesday went from the ring to Matt Camp’s NXT Injury Report.

The new finisher will look better when she doesn’t slip after the stomp. Look at the version of the curb stomp she’s paying homage to - PWG founding father Super Dragon’s. It’s a move LeRae is intimately familiar with...

Anyway... Kacy’s banged up, and from the looks of the backstage follow-up scene from Wednesday night, her partner Kayden Carter is probably Candice’s next victim. We’ll see if she fares any better, and how take two of Wicked Stepsister looks on-screen.

Camp’s report from the April 29 episode also features payback for the North American champ, and set-up for our next Tag title feud.

Here’s the video:

  • Matt Riddle - bruised sternum; symptoms being monitored
  • Damian Priest - Bruised rib; day-to-day
  • Kacy Catanzaro - Strained neck; day-to-day

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