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AJ Styles is no longer dead

Just a few days ago, AJ Styles was buried six feet into the ground by the Undertaker in a Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36. The last image we saw of the Phenomenal One was a hand poking out of the dirt.

It turns out the Styles is alive and well. He confirmed as much on Instagram:

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I’m alive on

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He hosted a Mixer stream and expressed his happiness with how the Boneyard match was received:

“I think the majority of wrestling fans, the WWE Universe, was happy with it. For every 100, there were maybe two or three (fans) that didn’t like it.”

Hey look at that, a WWE wrestler who acknowledges a minuscule number of people didn’t like his match, without feeling compelled to insult those same people. What wizardry is this?

You can read a few more details about what Styles had to say over at

Are you relieved that the Phenomenal One has returned to the land of the living, or were you hoping he would sell death a little longer?

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