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CM Punk returns to WWE Backstage next Tuesday

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For the first time in two months, the Voice of the Voiceless will be talking WWE on FS1 next Tuesday night (April 14).

The announcement was made on yesterday’s edition of WWE Backstage.

Punk last appeared on the studio show back on Feb. 11. His scheduled appearance last month was cancelled when the entire Mar. 17 episode was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Like most talk shows at this point, the Renee Young & Booker T-hosted show has since transitioned to a format where the entire panel films individually from their homes. Punk will presumably be video conferencing in from Chicago.

A lot has gone on since his last appearance on the show. We can probably expect to hear his thoughts on both Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, we probably won’t hear him cut loose on WWE’s most recent trip to Saudi Arabia, their decision to continue filming during the COVID-19 outbreak, or the rumors he’s one person Vince McMahon will never do business with.