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The WWE Women’s Division tackle the #DontRushChallenge

If there is one thing quarantine has taught me it’s that celebrities are just like us! They are stuck at home, bored as hell and endlessly scrolling through social media.

If you’ve logged on to Twitter at least once in the past few weeks you’ve most likely seen the #DontRushChallenge where people go from drab to fab in a mater of seconds. Groups of people and communities from all across the net are participating and the WWE women’s division is no different. Check it out here:

What I love about this video - aside from its very existence - is how everyone’s unique personality really shines. Sasha is The Boss kicking off the whole thing, Naomi’s glow-up is literal, Carmella is drinking wine, Nattie is obsessing over her cat, Lacey is digging a hole???? and Mandy is still pissed at Sonya.

(Sonya. A pro-tip: Just share your Cheez-Its! Best apology ever!)

The best part of the video, however, is Lana. She is the final Superstar featured and in true Lana fashion, not only does she fundamentally not understand the challenge - when the phone was throne to her she was already looking cute and beautiful in her BIKINI - but she makes it all about her. When she magically changes out of her BIKINI not only is she no longer in the backyard bathing in the sunlight, but it is now night time and she proceeds to puts on a fashion show with SIX DIFFERENT outfits. The trick is to make it look like it took you no time - not plan an entire runway! It’s...the best.

Of course the entire women’s division wasn’t featured, but if you’re wondering why Little Miss Bliss isn’t in the viral video, well, she has an answer for you:

Same, girl. Same.

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