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WrestleMania 36 results: Sasha Banks ensures Bayley is still your SmackDown women’s champion

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The big story going into the SmackDown women’s championship match at tonight’s (Sun., April 5, 2020) WrestleMania 36 pay-per-view from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, was all about Sasha Banks being put in a Fatal 5-Way match opposite her best friend, the champion, Bayley.

Oh, and Lacey Evans, Naomi, and Tamina Snuka were there too.

It was an elimination match, so here’s the order of elimination:

1. Tamina Snuka
2. Naomi
3. Sasha Banks
4. Lacey Evans

It took a while, but all the women got together to take out Tamina. While she put up a valiant effort, Naomi was next to fall thanks to Banks & Bayley teaming together.

Banks went out after a Woman’s Right from Evans. This was set up by Bayley trying to push her out of the way but inadvertently putting her right in the line of fire. Despite that, Banks came back into the match to assist Bayley, ensuring she retained her title.

The two celebrated together in the ring after, but commentary played it like there could be something more at hand here.

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