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WrestleMania 36 results: Edge was the Last Man Standing

A match many people felt could main event happened smack dab in the middle of Night Two of WrestleMania 36.

Edge entered first for his first WrestleMania, and first single match, in nine years. This would be a Last Man Standing match, built on Edge’s career-ending spinal injury and Randy Orton’s efforts to keep him retired - including hitting Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix with an RKO.

It didn’t take long for Orton to hit an RKO. Disguised as a cameraman, The Viper slithered in behind Edge to hit him with one before the match even began.

The Rated R Superstar defiantly got to his feet to start the match, and immediately took another. Edge scrambled to his feet on the floor, then Orton smashed him with the camera to send him over the barricade. The action then spilled backstage, through a makeshift production area and into the gym at the Performance Center.

Edge finally got back into it when he kicked Randy through some weight racks. Lots of workout equipment came into play there, in the midst of a lot of the referee counting to ten.

As they brawled back to the ring area, Orton was thrown off a steel door a few times. He turned the tide by sending Edge flying into the barricade neck-first off a raised platform. After using that same barricade to pull himself to his feet at nine, the battle worked its way through more hallways into the office area at the PC.

After some time in a conference room which featured a nifty improvised elbow drop by Edge...

...the pair took out a cameraman en route to the warehouse. They continued through there, into the interview area. This was more a fight than a series of wrestling moves, which fit the story they’re telling. It didn’t make for an exciting watch at times, though. Edge delivered a high spot when they got back to the warehouse which looked like it could be the end.

The next false finish came on a pick-up truck, when Orton hit his draping DDT off the cab onto the bed cover. It gave Edge the opportunity to climb onto a trailer parked next to the pick-up. Randy followed, and was stalking for a punt, but his former partner caught him with a spear. Edge tried for another and got caught with an RKO.

In the end, it ended the way it began. The Viper wanted a Con-Chair-To, but Edge evaded and locked in his choke hold submission. That probably could have won it, but he waived off the count so he could deliver a Con-Chair-To of his own.

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