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A two night WrestleMania should be the new normal

While I haven’t been crazy about the way WWE has handled this year’s WrestleMania, from the decision to put the show on at all, to the way it was promoted, by the end of night one it was clear they got at least one thing (and, actually, many other things), so very, very right.

WrestleMania should always be a two night event.

It is literally impossible to sit through one seven hour show and be having a good time all throughout. It’s a painful viewing experience that hurts the product more than it helps it. It is the chief complaint coming out of WrestleMania each new year.

How many folks actually enjoyed Becky Lynch’s big title win last year at 1 am after a show that felt like it dragged on forever?

This year, we’re being given two separate three hour pay-per-view broadcasts, with a one hour Kickoff show beforehand. The first night started a bit slow but picked up in a major way before going out with a bang. It didn’t just deliver in terms of the show itself, it built anticipation for the second night.

And it ended at a reasonable hour!

There is already at least some support for it among the wrestlers themselves:

This should absolutely be the new normal going forward.

That is all.

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