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WrestleMania 36 results: Kevin Owens goes No DQ to end Seth Rollins

For the sixth match on the main card of WrestleMania 36 Night One, the bad guy wore white and the good guy wore black.

Seth Rollins leaned into his Monday Night Messiah moniker, entering the Performance Center like a savior.

Kevin Owens was all business, from his entrance to the early portion of the match. Emotion only carried the Prizefighter so far, though, and things broke bad for KO on the hardest part of the ring. First Rollins back dropped him, then he did the deal.

A missed splash ended Rollins’ dominance, and sent us into a second act that featured lots of offense from both men. A nearfall off a pop-up powerbomb signaled what looked the beginning of the end.

But then Seth went outside and grabbed the ring bell, clocked Owens with it for the disqualification. KO wouldn’t accept that, though. He baited his opponent, who’s spent months bragging about his prowess at ‘Mania, into a No DQ match. And Seth accepted.

After the restart, Owens continued to taunt Seth as a “bitch” while Rollins lit him up with chairs, stairs and whatever else he could find. But when KO got his hands on the ring bell the Messiah used earlier, he got back in the driver’s seat. And he used the opportunity to create a WrestleMania moment.

Holy $#!+. This angle is even more loco.

Seth begged for mercy, and sounded terrible - wheezing like the senton had broken a rib or two. KO wasn’t hearing it, though, and dragged him into the ring. After a Stunner, it was over.

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