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WrestleMania 36 results: Undertaker buried AJ Styles alive in an epic main event movie

The main event of the first night of WrestleMania 36 involved a trip to the BONEYARD!

After the usual pre-match recap of AJ Styles and The Undertaker’s feud, we went right to a cemetery. There were no announcers, just the Dead Man’s music as a hearse rolled through the gates. Two hooded figures took a coffin out of the back... and it was Styles.

A chopper engine was heard in the distance. The Badass returned!

After some quality middle-aged man trash talk, the brawl was on! This basically looked like a movie or extended video game cut scene, complete with an eerie soundtrack playing noticeably-but-unobtrusively in the background as Taker pummeled AJ on the hearse, even cutting up his arm when a missed strike meant his fist went through a window.

The Phenom put Styles in a grave, but before he could grab a shovel, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows showed up. They announced they were just getting started, as the lights came up in a shed behind them. A crew of hooded figures circled Taker, who said “If we’re gonna do this, let’s do this” before punching his way through them.

The O.C. boys went for a shovel, but Taker turned the tables on them. Before he could use the weapon against them, Styles returned, smashing him across the back. AJ drove the Dead Man through another wooden structure, then taunted a wheezing Mark Calaway, who offered a one-finger salute in return.

Styles clocked him with shovel in the back of the head, and the Badass fell into the grave. AJ climbed into a front-loader to finish the job, but before he could move it forward, a light came up behind him. Taker appeared behind him, and resumed kicking ass.

Action proceeded to a roof, where Calaway summoned flames as choral music kicked in. He punched his way through all three Club members, Tombstoning a lackey after throwing the other off the roof to make it one-on-one again. Taker then chokeslammed AJ back down to earth.

Some phenomenal (sorry AJ) shit-talking followed, with the Dead Man basically explaining to Styles why this was happening to him. The Phenomenal One tried to apologize, and Calaway may have accepted. But the American Badass didn’t.

AJ got front kicked into the hole. Taker climbed into the front loader and covered him with dirt. Then he walked off, but not before uncovering Styles tombstone. The WrestleMania legend picked up his bandana, mounted his hog and drove off as Metallica played.

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