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Miz ‘injury’ forces change to SmackDown Tag Title Ladder Match

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This has been rumored since WrestleMania 36 was taped last week, and now WWE has gotten around to announcing it.

Miz is out of the Triple Threat ladder match for the SmackDown Tag Team titles, and as a result, so are Big E and Jey Uso. John Morrison will now defend the belts against Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso.

As the tweet mentions, they’re explaining the change by saying Miz was injured in the brawl between the three teams on last night’s show. This is from’s new write-up for the match:

“However, that all changed on the final SmackDown before WrestleMania. As first announced on WWE’s The Bump just hours before The Showcase of The Immortals, The Miz had been injured during the all-out melee on the blue brand. It was therefore determined that the previously announced SmackDown Tag Team Title Match would be transformed into a singles Triple Threat Ladder Match with John Morrison, Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston representing their teams in what is sure to be an all-out, free-for-all.”

Reports say that, in reality, Miz was pulled from the match because he was sick. His illness allegedly contributed to Roman Reigns decision to pull out of his match with Goldberg.

The injury story for Miz is more of an explanation than we got for Braun Strowman replacing Reigns in the Universal title match. Which means that change is still unique!

We’ll have complete coverage of a WrestleMania unlike any other all weekend long.