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WrestleMania 36 results, live streaming match coverage (Night one)

WWE WrestleMania 36 is all set to get started tonight (Sat., April 4, 2020) from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida at 6:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You should also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of night one of WrestleMania 36 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


The Undertaker def. AJ Styles

Braun Strowman def. Goldberg

Mojo Rawley def. R-Truth

Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins by DQ

John Morrison def. Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston

Sami Zayn def. Daniel Bryan

Becky Lynch def. Shayna Baszler

Elias def. Baron Corbin

Bliss & Cross def. Kabuki Warriors

Cesaro def. Drew Gulak


Drink from the chalice and be reborn, and the land with me, it will change and transform. A fighting man sworn to the quest, it is doom of man that they forget. I have awoken the dragon and all around me the mist of his breath. Good and evil, there never is one without the other, his brother, always there where I least expect it, it will burn me to cinders. The future’s taken root in the present, and me, I’m liveblogging this here pro wrestling show right now.

Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg are helming the pre-show.

They list off a bunch of matches (which I assume are tonight’s half of the card) and launch into the usual preview content.

Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak in, go-behind to a wristlock, taking him down, side headlock, shot off but he gets a boot up in the corner. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Cesaro gets a shockingly deep two, trying for the Neutralizer but Drew reverses to a Fujiwara Armbar. Roll into a cross armbar but Cesaro posts to his feet into a deadlift one-arm powerbomb! Shaking his arm out, trying for the Neutralizer again but Gulak reverses to an arm-trap crossface!

Cesaro crawling and desperate, he gets a foot on the rope and referee Drake Wuertz calls for the break! Drew dumps him over the ropes and to the floor, taking his time to follow out after the Swiss Superman and dropping him with a diving lariat off the apron! Cesaro with a right hand, back inside, arm still bugging him and Gulak snaps his arm over the top rope before clotheslining him to the floor again!

Following after, diving off the apron into an arm drag! Throw him into the steel steps, back inside, Drew up top, diving... SWISS DEATH! Cover for two, Drew reverses into his own nearfall and then back into the Fujiwara Armbar but Cesaro gets to his feet. Cover from Gulak, only two, looking for the Gu-Lock but Cesaro reverses to a tilt-a-whirl slam and follows it with a pump kick!

Neutralizer denied, arm too weak, Drew stops himself short of running into Wuertz and Cesaro capitalizes into an Argentine backbreaker rack and starts spinning... NO HANDS! UFO! IT’S OVER!

Cesaro wins by pinfall with the UFO.

Back to the pre-show business, King Baron Corbin is interviewed.

He’s sorry he didn’t throw a road case on Elias and he’s a man of tradition— he ended Kurt Angle’s career last year and he’ll end Elias’ this year. He even wrote a song to celebrate, which he plays (poorly) on harmonica.

More pre-show business, they cede the floor to the WWE Backstage crew (who are Skyping in) for a minute.

The main show kicks off with Stephanie McMahon talking about how different this year’s WrestleMania is than usual and how they’re committed to somehow, some way provide us with a diversion in these hard times.

We get a video medley of WrestleMania performances of America the Beautiful over the years.

A pirate-themed intro video hyping the show up as a battle for the ages follows. Partway through it becomes kind of a weird deconstruction / parody of over-dramatic hype reels and eventually segues into For Those About to Rock.

Rob Gronkowski welcomes us to the show wearing a teal tiger print jacket and wraparound shades, so that’s where we’re at on that front. He talks about how he knows how to start a party on a Saturday night and end it 30 hours later and calls his good friend Mojo Rawley out to join him.

Mojo is wearing a giant necklace with his name on it and a white blazer with zebra print lapels, so he fits right in. He asks Gronk to chop him a bunch and we get into it.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) (c) (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Asuka and Bliss to start, champ ducks a lariat and poses before tagging right out. Sane in, palm strikes, knocking Alexa down, jawing at her and Bliss fires off a hard right hand of her own! Goozle, noogie... NODOWA OTOSHI! Double knees into a tag, Cross with a cover for two, go-behind into a sleeper hold, Kairi backs her into the corner and tags Asuka in.

The Empress of Tomorrow putting boots to her, Nikki with desperation forearms and Alexa tags herself in. Cross dumps Asuka to the floor, cuts Sane off and trips her on the apron into repeated clubbing blows. Bliss with a baseball slide, cannonball off the apron! Break the count, Nikki with a crossbody! Challengers hugging it out, Alexa pulls Asuka back in for a cover that gets two.

Arm wringer, tag to Cross, diving double axehandle connects. Arm wringer, Asuka with a forearm and the tag. Nikki dumps Kairi to the floor, slingshot dropkick caught and Sane hammers her with hard overhand chops! Match breaking down, all four women on the floor and brawling, Kairi snaps off a headscissors and Asuka drops Cross with a roundhouse kick after!

Back inside, the Empress putting boots to her, taunting Alexa, buzzsaw roundhouse and the tag. Sane working her over, but Nikki gets away and makes the tag. Bliss in hot, right hand into a dropkick, fired up, charging in but Kairi slips to the apron. Alexa with a forearm, headed up top, Asuka running interference. Bliss in the Tree of Woe, Sane up top... DIVING DOUBLE STOMP!

Cover for two, trading kicks, sliding forearm in the corner, tag to Asuka. Pressing the attack, working her over, hip attack in the corner. Bulldog countered but Bliss runs right into the Alarm Clock! Tags made, Cross in hot with forearms to drop Sane. Fired up, Stinger Splash sets up the running bulldog and she tears her jacket open! Nikki up top, diving crossbody for two!

Kairi with a rake of the eyes, charging in, back body drop to the apron but Asuka tagged in and she cuts Cross off. Right hands, Nikki fires back with kicks, fisherman neckbreaker... SANE BREAKS IT UP WITH THE DIVING ELBOW! Rolling around, Asuka Lock applied, rolling Cross onto her belly... TWISTED BLISS BREAKS IT UP! SPEAR FROM KAIRI!

All four women down and out, Asuka with a Codebreaker, Kairi up top but Nikki cuts her off. Jockeying for position, Asuka gets her up for a powerbomb... DOOMSDAY DEVICE BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Kairi with a strike rush, Cross gets a kick and the fisherman neckbreaker. Tag to Alexa, off the top...

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross win by pinfall with Twisted Bliss from Bliss on Kairi Sane to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage with his boys Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura in tow as usual.

He talks about how everybody thought Braun Strowman retaining was a foregone conclusion, but who’s standing here as Intercontinental Champion? Sami Zayn, that’s who. Everybody wants to see Daniel Bryan shut his mouth, but there’s nothing inevitable about it, and he’s gonna win.

We see Shayna Baszler shadowboxing backstage.

King Baron Corbin makes his entrance and cuts a promo saying Elias is nowhere to be found, which gets a replay of his attack by way of explanation. That felt good, he says, but what’ll be even better is getting his second WrestleMania win, and he asks referee Jessika Carr to count him out and give him the win by forfeit.

Elias is here, of course. They brawl on the stage... EL KABONG! Smashing Corbin’s face into the apron over and over again, putting him into the ring and Carr checks on Baron to see if he’s good to fight...

King Baron Corbin vs. Elias

Elias charging in at the bell, beating Baron down, whip across, hard back elbow for one. Chops, forearms, Corbin hip tosses him over the ropes and to the floor and takes a breather. Back inside, whipping the Drifter into the turnbuckles, out and back in, cutting his head off with a lariat! Overhead elbows to the bad shoulder, jawing and Elias is able to get back into it with body blows before getting posted shoulder-first.

Cover for two, yelling at referee Jessika Carr over her count, overhead elbows resume as Baron yells at the commentary team. Posting Corbin in return, boots up in the corner, lighting him up with punches, tearing his own shirt off and putting boots to Baron in turn. DDT gets two, Deep Six in return, also just a two count. Out and back in, Elias with a big knee strike, again just two!

Jockeying for position, Elias takes advantage...

Elias wins by pinfall with a small package and a handful of tights.

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Right in with the Frye/Takayama punches, Kirifuda Clutch applied but Lynch rolls to the floor! Baszler right after her with hamstring kicks and clubbing blows, breaking the count, going for a powerbomb but Becky reverses into a Frankensteiner! Smashing Shayna’s face into the announce table, throwing her into the steel steps, back inside and she heads up top.

Missile dropkick connects, Baszler rolls away and into the corner where Lynch meets her with a forearm and kicks. Referee John Cone admonishes her, Becky goes back in with forearms and a rolling solebutt but Shayna fires of a knee that knocks her halfway across the ring. Butterfly suplex lift into a Canadian backbreaker rack, Lynch reverses to the Dis-Arm-Her but Baszler slips out!

Butterfly lift into an Ace Crusher but Becky kicks out! Charging in for a knee, Lynch goes for the Dis-Arm-Her again but Baszler shrugs her off. Fighting to the apron, trading shots... BECKY WITH A ROCK BOTTOM ON THE APRON! Back inside, dragging Shayna into position, headed up top but the Queen of Spades cuts her off and hip tosses her off the top! Butterfly suplex lift dropped into a cross armbar! Cover to counter but Baszler counters into her own Dis-Arm-Her! Leg pick, knee strike, cover for two. Lynch back into it, Dis-Arm-Her in the ropes briefly, Kirifuda Clutch counters and Shayna breaks right before John Cone reaches five! Action to the floor, Baszler with a powerbomb lift, swinging Becky into the announce table!

Back inside, Shayna stalking after her prey, Lynch lying in wait, jockeying for position, the Kirifuda Clutch locked in but Lynch trying to reach the ropes. Roll back...

Becky Lynch wins by countering the Kirifuda Clutch into a pin, retaining the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Lynch celebrates with the title as Baszler despairs over her loss.

A video for WWE’s charity partnership with Hyundai follows.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn (c) (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Zayn begging off immediately, conferring with his boys, Bryan beckons him in but Sami keeps his distance and heads to the floor. Back in, immediately back out, trying to frustrate the American Dragon. Bryan heads out, Zayn back in, taunting, giving chase around the ring and Shinsuke Nakamura runs interference. More back and forth and finally Drew Gulak comes off the apron and takes both of ‘em out!

Brawling with Cesaro, back body drop over the barricade and Shinsuke follows shortly thereafter! Getting in Sami’s face, Dan asks him to let Zayn go and tells referee Drake Wuertz to just go ahead and count him. Sami tries to leave but Bryan bum rushes him on the ramp! Beating him down, taking him back inside and here we go! Zayn begs off, Dan picks a leg and kneels on it before raining punches down!

Falling knees to the midsection, Sami tries to run but the American Dragon picks his leg again. Toehold, hamstring kick, kick to the back, punches, sitting on Zayn’s chest to rain blows down! Sami to the floor, Bryan off the ropes, huge suicide dive! Kicks against the barricade, back inside, Dan heads up top and hits the missile dropkick into a kip-up!

Pressing the attack, hauling off with slaps to the face, jawing at Zayn, chest kicks set up the running corner dropkicks! Sami gets in an elbow, punches to the head, whip across, big lariat takes Bryan out and gets him some breathing room! Zayn screaming agony, Forearms, Dan turns the tide into the chest kicks and drops Sami with the buzzsaw finale! Double wrist-clutch... YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR [REDACTED] HEAD KICKED IN!

Drew Gulak cheering him on from ringside, Cesaro and Nakamura wake up and take the Legal Eagle out, throwing him into the steel steps but the American Dragon takes them both out with a suicide dive! Off the top... ZAYN CATCHES DRAGON WITH A HELLUVA KICK! IT’S OVER!

Sami Zayn wins by pinfall with the Helluva Kick to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Jimmy Uso vs. John Morrison (c) vs. Kofi Kingston (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

Uso with a superkick out the gates, Morrison ducks it, Jimmy ducks one in return, trading monkey flips and everybody lands on their feet for a stalemate! Everybody heads to the floor for ladders, sliding them into the ring. John sets his up first, the other two do as well and everybody climbs. Clubbing away, Morrison kicks Jimmy’s ladder over! Kofi and John brawling it out atop ladders, Uso pulls Morrison down!

Kingston with a crossbody, John climbs, Kofi right behind him, pulling him down and trading shots. Snapmare, Morrison off the ropes with a sliding knee! John knocks a ladder over, solebutt to Uso, right hands, kick to the ribs, rearranging the ladders but Kingston comes over to try and cut him off. Morrison going for Moonlight Drive, countered, SOS denied, off the ropes, duck Trouble in Paradise, duck a springboard roundhouse!

Uso climbing the ladder, Kofi on the other side, brawling it out on top, Jimmy takes a spill and Kingston reaches but John cuts him off. Kofi gets knocked down, Morrison walks the ladder closer to the titles, he makes contact but Uso pulls him down and hauls off with a hard slap! Jimmy manhandles the ladder, they trade shots, Kofi tries to springboard in but they catch him and throw him to the floor!

Whip reversed, John slides low but ducks the ladder and pokes Uso’s eye! Laying the ladder horizontal in the corner, trading shots, Jimmy sets him up top and smashes his face into the ladder! Morrison cuts him off and lays him across the ladder, perching on the post... CORKSCREW SENTON ATOMICO ON THE LADDER! Sending Uso to the floor, John sets the ladder back up.

Climbing, but Kingston springboards back in and hits a Frankensteiner off the ladder! Kofi headed up top, getting into it with Jimmy, setting him on the apron and clubbing him to the floor. Off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE TAKES MORRISON OUT! Jimmy running the barricade... AND KINGSTON THROWS A LADDER INTO HIM, TENRYU-STYLE! Smashing Jimmy’s face into a ladder stretched from ring to barricade, he sets Uso up on it and clubs him to keep him down.

Cutting Morrison off on the turnbuckles, Kofi well in control, headed up top but John’s recovered, walking the ropes... SPANISH FLY OFF THE TOP! USO PERCHES... DIVING SPLASH ON MORRISON! Jockeying for position, Kingston inside the ladder and Uso outside, knocking Jimmy down, Kofi grabs the titles but John is right there to meet him! Kingston with a diving stomp to take Morrison out!

Uso takes Kofi out in turn, John parkouring over a ladder and right into a superkick from Jimmy! Back and forth, Morrison climbing the ladder, he’s got the titles in hand but Kofi climbs up and cuts him off! Uso into the fray as well, all three men with hands on the titles, they unclip them all at once, jockeying for postion atop the ladder, Jimmy with headbutts and Morrison falls down with the titles...

The Miz & John Morrison retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins taunting and begging off, right hand, duck a lariat, firing off punches and bailing to the floor. Owens with punches, smashing Seth’s face into the barricade but he gets a knee off and returns to the ring. Blackout denied, right hand from the apron, and KO takes control. Off the ropes, Rollins with a front kick but Owens drops him and hits a pair of sentons.

Seth to the floor to dodge the cannonball, clutching his ribs, and Kev follows after for a big chop. Taking him around the ringside area, throwing him into the barricade, resetting the count and jawing at the Monday Night Messiah. Back inside, Rollins tries to get away but Owens is right on him, drawing him up and going for a powerbomb. Countered into a back body drop on the apron... FALCON ARROW ON THE APRON!

Seth jawing at Kev while he tries to rise, off the ropes, suicide dive takes him out! Back inside, another dive, jawing at him, bringing up his kids, a third dive is cut off with a forearm! Sling Blade follows it up, raining forearms down, kicks to the back, jawing at him yet more. Off the ropes, Blackout denied, again, kick to the gut, DDT spikes Rollins right on his dome!

Superkick in the corner, cannonball connects, KO up top... SENTON ATOMICO GETS A NEARFALL! Jockeying for position, ducking and dodging, Rollins gets an enzuigiri and Owens returns the favor with a lariat! Up top, jockeying for position, Seth thumbs his eyes, sunset flip into the buckle bomb! Superkick, another one, pop-up powerbomb in return... NOPE!

Action to the floor, Seth grabs the timekeeper’s bell and wallops him with it...

Kevin Owens wins by disqualification.

Post-match, KO demands Seth prove that he’s half the man he thinks he is by restarting the match as a no disqualification match! Seth agrees to it and we’re off!

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins (No Disqualification Match)

Superkick, Rollins dumps Owens to the floor and calls him a fat piece of crap! Following after him, throwing him into the barricade, Seth constantly muttering how he can do whatever he want and wailing on KO with a chair! OWENS CLOBBERS HIM WITH THE RING BELL! A SECOND TIME! Kev climbs atop the WrestleMania sign behind the announce table... SENTON OFF THE SIGN AND THROUGH THE DAMN ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Both men down and out, referees swarming to check on them, Rollins moaning in agony as Kev pulls him back in the ring. Drawing him up, Seth begs for mercy, kick to the gut...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with the Stunner.

R-Truth rolls up on Gronk and Mojo Rawley.

He talks about being 24/7 Champion and having to keep his head on a swivel when Gronk elbows him! Mojo pulls him off the cover...

Mojo Rawley wins the 24/7 Championship by pinfall.

He tells Gronk to come get it and we cut away.

Paul Heyman rolls up on an interview backstage and does his intro schtick.

He tells Charly Caruso she shouldn’t be afraid, Drew McIntyre should be, because we’re 24 hours away from him being exposed to be a big bitch wannabe who can’t fill Brock Lesnar’s shoes. He talks about what a once-in-a-lifetime talent Brock is.

Commentary hypes up night two of WrestleMania.

Braun Strowman vs. Goldberg (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Squaring up to each other, Goldberg with a kick to the gut, whip to the corner, sidestep the charge, Braun scoopos him up but Bill slips out! SPEAR! ANOTHER SPEAR! A THIRD SPEAR GETS A NEARFALL! Lying in wait while Strowman staggers to his feet... SPEAR NUMBER FOUR! Braun to his feet, Goldberg looking for the Jackhammer but Strowman counters with the powerslam!

A second powerslam, and a third! Drawing Bill up, on his shoulders for number four...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with the running powerslam, winning the WWE Universal Championship.

We get a hype reel for WrestleMania in Los Angeles next year.

AJ Styles vs. the Undertaker (Boneyard Match)

Camera pans across gravestones as a hearse drives through the cemetery gates. Druids get out of the hearse and open the back door, pulling a coffin out... AND AJ STYLES IS INSIDE! The Undertaker rolls up on a motorcycle to the tune of Now That We’re Dead by Metallica— BIG EVIL IS BACK! AJ tells him he dug a grave for him and they jaw at each other.

Styles picks up a brick but Taker nails him with those carcinogenic fists! AJ scrabbles away but Big Evil smashes him into the coffin a few times! Undertaker punches through a window and gashes his arm open, giving Styles an opening to stagger him with a few shots, but the Deadman throws him into the windshield of the hearse! AJ crawls away while Taker jaws at him, trading shots.

Mounted punches from the Undertaker, yelling at him to never talk about his wife again and telling him if he wants more, he’s got a lot of more. Styles gets a handful of grave dirt and throws it in Taker’s eyes! Punching away, kick to the gentleman’s area, AJ tells him to get in his grave and keeps nailing him with forearms, but Big Evil refuses to go down!

Drawing him up, the Deadman knocks Styles into the grave! He asks him how it feels, and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows show up to tell him they’re just getting started! The barn lights up behind them and a bunch of druids step out to surround the Undertaker! Taker is game to fight and starts laying druids out with forearms and boots when Gallows and Anderson attack!

Beating the Deadman down, putting boots to him, raining right hands, Gallows tells Anderson to get the shovel but Taker boots him aside! Right hands, kicks to the midsection, Big Evil grabs the shovel and whatcks them both with it only for AJ to attack from behind with something that shatters over Taker’s back! Falling punch to the face, mounted punches, but Styles breaks his finger on the Deadman’s skull!

He tells Undertaker to stay down and give up and let him bury him, but he gets to his feet... AND STYLES RUNS HIM THROUGH A BARN WALL! Taker wheezing and gasping, AJ craws out of the wreckage and gathers his wits about him as the old man tries to sit up. Styles continues to run the Phenom down as he sits up and flips him the bird. AJ grabs a shovel and says he’s doing the world a favor by burying him, right here and right now.

He nails Undertaker in the back with the shovel and knocks him into the grave! A handful of grave dirt in his hand, he dumps it on the dead man and solemnly intones “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” before getting in a nearby tractor and starting it up. HOLY SHIT UNDERTAKER IS BEHIND HIM SOMEHOW! RAINING PUNCHES TO THE BACK, AN EERIE LIGHT BEHIND HIM!

He knocks AJ off the tractor and stalks after him, telling him he can’t run even as Styles climbs a ladder! He tells him he can run but he can’t hide, and he again talks about his unholy trinity, climbing on the roof after him. TAKER RAISES HIS HANDS AND FLAMES SHOOT OUT OF THE ROOF ALL AROUND AJ! A BIG BOOT TAKES HIM OFF HIS FEET AND HE WALLOPS GALLOWS AND ANDERSON WHEN THEY TRY TO SAVE THEIR PAL! HE THROWS GALLOWS OFF THE ROOF AND TOMBSTONES ANDERSON!

Styles, disbelieving, says he had him dead and buried as he throws punches, but Taker goozles him! This is what he asked for, he says... AND HE CHOKESLAMS AJ OFF THE ROOF! Undertaker heads down after him and asks Styles if he remembers his wife’s name or how old he is now. He scoops AJ up and carries him over to the grave, telling him he’s a lot tougher than he gave him credit for before dumping him on the ground at the edge of the grave.

The Phenomenal One apologizes and Taker asks him what he’s sorry for, telling him to go out like a man. He gently strokes AJ’s hair and tells him he gave a hell of a fight and he’s not gonna bury him. Undertaker brings him in for a hug and tells him a lot of people ain’t giving him that fight before turning and booting him into the grave!

Taker starts the tractor up and dumps the grave dirt out on Styles. He pulls a cover off the gravestone and it reveals that it’s AJ’s grave, and the camera pans down to his hand sticking out of the dirt.

Undertaker wins by burying AJ Styles alive.

Taker collects his bandana and sits on his bike. He puts the bandana back on and throws his hand up, leading to more flames shooting out of the roof and his symbol appearing in lasers on the wall.

Metallica plays again.

That’s the show, folks.

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