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WrestleMania 36 preview: Elias vs. King Corbin

Singles match

There’s actually plenty of history between the two scheduled opponents. But it doesn’t look they’ll both make the match.

The Road to WrestleMania 36

Back in 2018, Elias and Baron Corbin feuded on Raw. This was back during the singing Superstar’s first babyface run, and when Corbin was a Constable rather than a King. Elias turned heel again early 2019, probably because WWE needed a comedy heel John Cena & Undertaker could beat up around last year’s WrestleMania.

That was good practice for this angle, which is also predominantly about setting up a big ‘Mania moment.

In one of his first acts as the host of this year’s Showcase of the Immortals, Rob Gronkowski booked advocated for this match. Corbin wanted Gronk to bow down to him, Elias interrupted before things could get violent between the ex-football players, first with a tune, then with force.

A week later, the King got his revenge by throwing the troubadour off a balcony.

That’s given the match it’s suspenseful hook... will Elias be able to wrestle this weekend?

What’s at stake

A viral clip of Gronk going full Gronk on Corbin, we reckon.

Whether the match goes through as planned or not, Elias and the King are set in their current roles. The former as a time-filling utility player who can play a good or bad guy and get a reaction. The latter as a heat-drawing mid-card heel who can be elevated up the card when a main eventer needs someone to feud for a while.

If they want to make Elias into someone who wrestles a bit more often, he should probably try to gut this out. Then, when he gets in trouble because he’s less than 100%, Gronk steps in to help him win.

However, if this is all about getting NFL (and The Masked Singer) fans to watch a clip of Rob G on social media, this might just be an extended skit that ends with Corbin going through a table - or something similar.

Either way, Mojo Rawley will probably be around.

Let us know if you’re hyped, and join us tonight and tomorrow night for all your WrestleMania 36 coverage needs!


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