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Ruby Riott turned on Liv Morgan, and now she can’t win a match

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Ruby Riott missed most of the last year due to injury. She returned to Raw on the Feb. 3 episode, almost three months ago, and immediately betrayed her former friend, Liv Morgan.

That probably wasn’t the best idea, because now Ruby Riott can’t win a match. Here are her results in the ring during her return:

  • Mar. 2: Morgan defeats Riott on Raw
  • Mar. 8: Riott is eliminated by Baszler in the Elimination Chamber match
  • Apr. 13: Asuka defeats Riott on Raw to qualify for Money in the Bank
  • Apr. 20: Morgan defeats Riott on Raw
  • Apr. 27: Morgan defeats Riott on Raw

Ruby Riott has lost every single match since returning from injury, and three of those losses have come at the hands of Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan is the one who is being pushed right now, and Ruby Riott is not, so this is just how it’s going to be in the short-term for Riott.

The booking is a little unusual though, because normally when one superstar betrays another, the superstar who turned is the one who wins some matches in the short-term to establish credibility in the new role or story. WWE has changed that playbook up for Ruby Riott.

One thing is for sure, Ruby Riott has fallen way down the card ever since she walked into Elimination Chamber 2019 as the challenger for Ronda Rousey’s Raw women’s championship.

How would you like to see Ruby Riott booked going forward?