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Dangerous men don’t need a reason to fight

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Singles match’s official preview for this match includes this statement: “the two have had little to no interaction of late”. So... yeah...

The Road to WrestleMania 36

Forget “of late”. According to Cagematch, these two have never faced each other. They were both in last year’s Royal Rumble match, but Aleister Black was eliminated before Bobby Lashley entered.

Black has been building off his Undertaker-aided win over AJ Styles at Elimination Chamber by making quick work of local talent-types on the empty Performance Center shows.

Lashley has been in precautionary quarantine after an unfortunately timed promotional tour of South Africa in the first half of March. His last significant action was winning his feud with Rusev, and losing a quick program to Ricochet before WWE’s trip to Saudi Arabia at the end of February.

Lack of build notwithstanding, this could be a heck of a fight. Both men have backgrounds in non-scripted combat sports (Black in kickboxing; Lashley in amateur wrestling & pro MMA). Both have, at times, been booked like unstoppable machines.

That’s the angle Aleister took when called upon to sell their match. And he did a pretty darn good of it, too.

What’s at stake

Let’s throw it back to the company website - “this match is a classic case of two people looking to make a statement”.

Momentum. Whoever wins this has it. Whoever loses, doesn’t.

Unless of course WWE takes the rest of the month off, and then we all probably forget this happened.

Let’s just hope for some violent delights from two dangerous men.


Who wins?

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