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When you’re Limitless, it doesn’t matter if you’re 100%

NXT on April 29 edition had a main event that featured two agile big men battling over the North American title. It was pretty much what you’d want from a match where two agile big men fought over a belt.

The story was that challenger Damian Priest had not only injured champion Keith Lee when he hit him in the throat with a nightstick last week, but that he’d gotten into his head, too.

Maybe he did, but it didn’t work out the way Priest wanted it to. Lee took it to the Archer of Infamy from the jump, including making one of his signature moments by throwing the 6’ 5” 250 pounder from basically the front row to the apron.

The Limitless One’s anger eventually got him in trouble, and Priest got in some impressive spots of his own during that time, including his Broken Arrow and a dive over the top rope to the floor. But it was a deadlift superplex from the champ that signaled the end. Priest hit a chokeslam in response, but got frustrated when it didn’t end things. He tried to sneak his signature nightstick into the ring, but Lee caught the attempt to attack him with it again. Then sent chills down the heel’s spine with his catchphrase...

After Grizzly Magnum and two Spirit Bombs, Keith Lee is still North American champ. And Damian Priest is headed back to the drawing board.

Get a full rundown on everything that happened on tonight’s NXT in our live blog here.

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