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Say hello to Becky Billions

WWE’s The Bump’s Twitter

Last year, one of the creators of Showtime’s hit series Billions outed himself as a wrestling fan at an event promoting the show. Actually, Brian Koppelman probably did that when he wrote a scene where Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades made references to both Ivan Koloff and The Iron Sheik back in the season three premiere... but the Becky Lynch mug shot t-shirt sealed the deal.

While talking about wrestling references during a Q & A, the man who broke into Hollywood with the screenplay for Rounders was asked about his shirt. He said Lynch was welcome to appear on his current show whenever she wanted. A clip of that hit Twitter, and caught The Man’s eye...

Twelve months and an appearance on Koppelman’s podcast The Moment later, and...

The showrunner and the Raw Women’s champion were both on The Bump this morning to share the news. You can watch them chat with Kayla Braxton and Ryan Pappolla at the 1:14 mark here. Brian and Becky both play coy about what she’ll be doing on the Sun., May 3 season five premiere. But Koppelman does put Lynch’s acting skills and professionalism over in a big way.

If you’ve watched Billions, you can probably make a pretty good educated guess about how they’ll use The Man. The show’s set in the world of investment bankers and the government officials who try to regulate them, and frequently features cameos by rich people and the folks who entertain them. Past guest stars have included Metallica’s James Hetfield, former heavyweight MMA & boxing champs Stipe Miocic & Deontay Wilder, professional poker player Phil Hellmuth, and others. Booking Becky for a chance meeting at an event where she gives Taylor a pep talk on how to work a crowd, or something similar, seems like a smart play.

We’ll find out on Sunday. And based on the praise Koppelman was throwing her way, and the hints about other projects in the pipeline Becky was dropping - her Billions cameo will just be one of many acting projects for The Man.

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