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Conan O’Brien’s touching tribute to the essential business of WWE

Conan O’Brien and his team at TBS’ Conan are a little late to the party when it comes to mocking WWE and the state of Florida about the “essential business” of putting smiles on people’s faces during the coronavirus pandemic.

They also miss the satirical mark a little, since folks like Ron DeSantis and Vince McMahon would be better targets than Mojo Rawley (or especially Roman Reigns, who over a month ago opted out of the shows WWE’s been producing in Orlando). But it would take more set-up to make Vince or the governor the punchline - that’s more John Oliver’s type of material. Anyway, the gag is mostly about the general reputations of the Sunshine State, and pro wresting.

It’s a light-hearted bit that will put a smirk on your face. And a reminder that this story got national coverage, and not in a way that made WWE look great...

If you have any complaints, O’Brien tells you how to handle those earlier in the video. Rewind to ~1:24 if, for instance, you want to ask Conan about the wrestling show on his sister network that also plans to start taking advantage of Florida defining sports entertainment an essential business next week.

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