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SmackDown’s anonymous hacker returns, with a mix of new & old clues

After taking last Friday off (maybe he got cut for time when the Triple H celebration went over?), SmackDown’s anonymous hacker is back!

The new video from “The Message” doesn’t contain much in the way of new information. if the audiologists on Twitter are to be believed, it isn’t even a new messenger - like the third video, it’s Xavier Woods again.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new clues. Cryptographers have joined the hunt, and claim that hidden behind Zalgo text, the body of the tweet reads...

Using this same deciphering method, last week’s tweet said “The Truth Will Be Heard”.

There’s also been changes on the main page of the repurposed “Stand Up For WWE” Twitter account itself. Not only has the bio changed...

... but so has the location. The Message is no longer tweeting from Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico. Now they’re at Last Chance Cemetery in Iowa...

The plot thickens.

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