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Mox says Renee Young got heat for his WWE Backstage run-in

Last month, on the first episode of WWE Backstage broadcast under the social distancing guidelines we’ve all gotten used to over the past month, AEW’s Jon Moxley briefly popped up in the feed of host Renee Young.

Young and Moxley are married, and Jon’s a bit of a wild card. It was just a bit of fun, Mox surprising his wife - and fellow panelists Booker T and Xavier Woods, and the audience - by popping up behind her with their dog in his hands. Real blink-and-you-missed-it stuff.

But wrestling fans, and especially wrestling Twitter, don’t miss anything. So Mox’s cameo went viral, and is now a part of the lore of the AEW/WWE “war”.

The man who’s fired several shots in that war was asked about his run-in on Backstage during a recent chat with PWInsider. Moxley declined to go into detail, presumably on the grounds it could get him in trouble with the missus, or Young in hot water with bosses.

Or I guess I should say get Young in more hot water with her bosses. Because what Mox would say when Insider’s Mike Johnson asked if Renee got heat over his showing up on FS1 was...

“Short answer is yes.”

Tantalizing. The legend grows.

We may never know how the conversations Young had with WWE and Fox brass went, but if you want to know what else Moxley & Johnson talked about (including some compare & contrast between working for Tony Khan and Vince McMahon, and lots about his new movie Cagefighter), you can find the entire interview on PWInsider here.

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