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The reward for freestyling in your SUV

Do this...

Get the smoke, apparently.

It’s not clear whether or not the Tag titles will be on the line when Street Profits and Viking Raiders face off on the May 4 Raw. One tweet from WWE said they would be, but then the official announcement of the match during the broadcast last night (April 27) didn’t mention the belts.

The above carpool karaoke-style video from April 20 was mentioned by Angelo Dawkins when he & Montez Ford challenged the Raiders. And it’s a shame that’s gonna be what a lot of people think about heading into this feud. Because as Erik & Ivar reminded the world in their much more traditional promo from last night, the Raiders have had the Profits number since NXT. Ford & Dawkins’ run with that brand’s championship came after the Vikings vacated the straps.

Here’s the two segments which set-up next week’s match:

The episode was filmed yesterday along with the one that aired last night, so at some point this week we should get clarification of whether or not it’s a title match. I’d guess it’s not, and a Raiders win will lead to championship bout at Money in the Bank on May 10, but we’ll see.

Thoughts on Raw revisiting this NXT rivalry... and how they chose to get there?

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