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Vince McMahon shows up on SmackDown to make fun of Triple H

Triple H’s big 25th anniversary celebration turned out to be, well, a comedy routine.

Shawn Michaels showed up to give “The Game” a duo to play off, and they went back-and-forth with a routine that mostly played it safe while also making light of the unfortunate situation we’re all in with the ongoing pandemic ensuring no fans would be in attendance for this.

They set it up so that Vince McMahon was the feature attraction, briefly getting emotional telling his son-in-law “I love you” before cracking jokes at his expense, mostly about how much he sucked throughout his run and no one really cared. Also, that Katie Vick thing was pretty ridiculous, huh?

The show just sort of ended, with Vince shutting the lights out and kicking Triple H and HBK out of the building. Fitting, I suppose.

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