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Dolph Ziggler paid Hornswoggle to try changing Mandy Rose’s mind

Dolph Ziggler blew it with Mandy Rose when a mystery hacker revealed that he conspired with Sonya Deville to sabotage Mandy’s date with Otis on Valentine’s Day.

Dolph has been desperate to change Mandy’s mind about him since then, but to no avail. His latest attempt involved paying for a Cameo video from Hornswoggle to persuade Rose that he’s a swell guy. You can check out Hornswoggle’s video below:

“Mandy, you need to think about this. You need Dolph in your life. Dolph is the Justin to your Britney, the Zack Morris to your Kelly Kapowski. You guys are perfect together. Dolph is beloved by the WWE locker room, by the office, by almost half of the WWE Universe back in 2013, but you need to give him another chance. You guys are made for each other. Take back Dolph.”

Hornswoggle is a loyal friend to Dolph, but I doubt Mandy really gives much credence to his positive words about the Show Off.

But hey, it’s at least a reminder that you can support some your favorite wrestlers right now by also purchasing videos on Cameo. It’s not the first time that Dolph Ziggler has tried helping out an old friend over the last week.

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