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Let’s talk about Triple H’s pandemic beard

I am not here to mock Paul Levesque’s facial hair situation. It’s a lot better than what I currently have going on...

But the look he video-conferenced into The Bump with this morning (April 22) was, well, it was a lot to take in...

WWE’s YouTube channel

This has to be a choice. Even if he’s not used to trimming his own beard, which I certainly think he’d be capable of, he’s presumably been at television tapings. There are professional stylists at those who could take care of it for him.

If he’s going for that ‘rona beard style, is this how he’ll look on SmackDown when his 25th anniversary celebration kicks off on Friday?

Which brings us to what most husbands and partners know is the most important question, did Stephanie sign off on this? The COO & CBO are busy people, and as we all know, not staying-at-home quite as much as the average American these days. Maybe she hasn’t seen the quarantined biker look her man is rocking right now?

I’m not even gonna get into the hair, which is one area where I do think I currently have him beat.

But if anyone wants to talk about the mini dinosaur skull on his bookshelf, I’m game (pun semi-intended). Do you think his father-in-law gave it to him? Will he be able to trade it in for the full-size one Vince McMahon has when he inherits the company?

But that’s enough out of me. Feel free to make jokes, about either Hunter or me, in the comments below. It’s an essential service we provide. Anything to help you get through the pandemic.

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