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More on WWE’s Money in the Bank shoot in Connecticut last week

With plans to hold this year’s Money in the Bank in Baltimore cancelled due to “current circumstances”, we heard last week that WWE did some filming for their May PPV at their corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. A short time later, the company itself announced that the event’s titular ladder matches would take place at Titan Towers, and have a “Climb the Corporate Ladder” theme.

As mentioned in our latest Rumor Roundup, several photos of the rooftop set-up where the the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank matches will end have been circulating online.

In addition to those, Fightful also has a report with more details about the filming that took place in Stamford.

Talent was brought in last Tuesday (April 14) for an all-day shoot which started early in the morning and lasted until “nearly midnight”. The report mentions that multiple matches were filmed simultaneously, although it’s not clear if that just means both ladder matches (the images with both briefcases hanging above the rooftop ring at the same time seems to indicate the men and women could be wrestling at the same time), or if additional bouts are happening at HQ.

Seeing as however many matches that are filmed there will be presented in the cinematic style we’ve seen during the pandemic, the atmosphere was described as being like a movie shoot. Lots of “hurry up and wait” between set-ups, and wrestlers having to stay warm while waiting until they were needed, then being called on to take bumps, then back to standing around.

Fightful’s sources didn’t say if we should expect something more like the Boneyard match, or something similar to Edge vs. Randy Orton or Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa.

They did say there was a “hiccup” which caused filming to stop for a while, but whatever the issue was, it got fixed and the shoot resumed.

It’s enough information to whet your appetite, but not enough to spoil anything.

Let us know what you think about the pics and report, and give us your best “brawl through an office” fantasy booking, in the comments below.

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