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Sarah Logan reportedly was booked for Raw, but pulled at the last minute

After word went around that a recently released Superstar was scheduled to appear on Raw last night (April 20), rumors started that the Superstar would be Sarah Logan.

Speculation intensified when she was name-dropped twice during the broadcast, once in reference to Shayna Baszler “breaking her arm” on the last Raw before her release, and again when her former Riott Squad stablemates Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan faced off.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there was fire behind all that smoke. Logan was supposed to be on the show and was written into the episode’s script, but it was decided at the last minute not to use her. Which makes sense since she did supposedly have her arm broken last week.

Meltzer says this doesn’t mean Logan has been re-hired. WWE is paying wrestlers released last week throughout their 90 day non-compete period, and therefore feels justified to continue using them (a la Drake Maverick competing in NXT’s Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament).

There may still be interest in bringing Logan back, if for no other reason than to keep her from signing with AEW or another promotion with a television contract. The fact they were close to putting her back on Raw has to be a good sign.

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