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Nia Jax responds to criticism of scary spot in her Raw match with Kairi Sane by calling out Ronda Rousey

When Nia Jax told her story of going to management about someone (almost certainly Ronda Rousey) injuring Alexa Bliss a couple weeks back, a lot of fans pointed out the irony. Jax has had the “unsafe worker” charge leveled at her a few times throughout her career.

Well, Nia won’t be shaking that label any time soon.

In her match with Kairi Sane on Raw last night (April 20), she launched Sane head first into the middle turnbuckle on a buckle bomb spot. It would have looked bad regardless of the opponent, but Kairi was out for more than a month on either side of New Year’s due to a concussion she suffered at TLC. She’s also small enough that carrying her a couple more steps to be sure her back hit the corner - instead of the back of her head - shouldn’t have been an issue for a self-professed “six-foot, 300-pound bitch”.

It brought the expected reaction from fans online. This is one of the tamer tweets about the spot...

Nia responded to one of them. And it’s delicious... although not for the reason she planned. Not only does Jax use the heat about being unsafe to fuel a feud with another woman she called unsafe (in service of a program that probably isn’t even happening), but she also botched her clapback about a botch.

Le sigh.

Hopefully Kairi’s okay.

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