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Kassius Ohno teases a farewell (UPDATED)

WWE parted ways with Kassius Ohno for a second time last week. The veteran hasn’t point-blank confirmed the news, but last night (April 19) he tweeted this image.

He’s definitely left some boots in a ring, does that mean what we think it means?

It’s cryptic. By design, probably - with fans and wrestlers alike debating whether this means the return of independent wrestling legend Chris Hero (Ohno’s non-WWE kayfabe name), or the end of Chris Spradlin (Ohno’s shoot name)’s in-ring career, all he’s done is retweet the original.

No one would blame him if, at 40 years old, with a history of back issues, and an uncertain length of time before the indie scene even gets back up and running, he decides he’s done. There are lots of ways a person with his experience can make money in the business other than working matches.

But if he did want to build anticipation for the return of that young knockout kid Chris Hero, this would be a good way to do that.

We shall see.

UPDATE: This is pretty clear...

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