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John Morrison channeled his inner Spice Girl and made a music video with Miz

It looks like John Morrison is brave enough to fail. At least that’s the message I got from this video on Taya Valkyrie’s Instagram.

Okay after watching it back a few times, I have to admit, I wish I could pull this off like JoMo can.

But now on to more serious matters, and that’s Morrison’s SmackDown tag title ladder match against New Day and the Usos at WrestleMania 36. The Miz & Morrison released a music video to hype up their fight, titled ‘Hey Hey”, as a play on their intentionally lame catchphrase that only they are bold enough to chant.

The video is mostly a knock on the New Day and Usos, while propping themselves up. But of course Miz has to get a shot in on the B+ player Daniel Bryan. There is also a “doo-doo” reference, which makes me think Vince McMahon probably made a late change to the scripted lyrics.

There is a lot of arm movement and gesturing from Miz and Morrison in this video, which I think qualifies as their dance moves. It’s not quite Rick Astley levels of arm motion, but it’s enough to make me think that maybe Morrison should stick to the Spice Girls routine.

The one overarching question I have while watching this is, will the Miz even compete at WrestleMania 36?

Let me know your thoughts on Morrison’s videos in the comments below.

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