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This is a behind the scenes look at what WWE television should be right now

Just a few days ago, my colleague Geno was raving about an impressive piece of work from Drew McIntyre. The dude is starring in a video where he is lugging around huge barrels, manhandling boulders, fiercely overpowering an entire group of men with a rope all by himself, and roaring Brock Lesnar’s name at the top his lungs. He’s a total badass.

The above video includes a behind the scenes look at how this epic advertisement was made. It turns out that McIntyre froze in his underwear in the Scotland rain to bring us this quality content. Drew, I’m sure that I speak for many wrestling fans when I say that I appreciate your dedication to perfecting your craft.

There’s only one way to pay this video off, and that’s with a WWE championship victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 this weekend, even though we still don’t know if the match will take place on Apr. 4 or Apr. 5.

This video will show you that Drew McIntyre has literally climbed over mountains to become the top guy in WWE.

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