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Xavier Woods denies he’s SmackDown’s mystery hacker, which is exactly what SmackDown’s mystery hacker would do

After a week off, SmackDown’s mystery hacker returned on April 17.

The hooded figure again promised to deliver the truth. When they showed up this time early in the Daniel Bryan/Cesaro match, they hinting in their modulated voice that some keep their friends close, but others keep their enemies closer.

Because this person is obviously tech savvy - look at all those monitors! - fans were asking Xavier Woods if it was him. In his Austin Creed persona, Woods is a big gamer. They sometimes have lots of monitors, too.

Alas, Woods shot down that theory...

... but isn’t that exactly what a mystery hacker would do?

He does have a point about the color scheme though.

Anyone have any new guesses? My money’s still on this guy:

Give us yours in the comments below.

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