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Sonya Deville is prank calling talk shows trying to reach Mandy Rose

Otis got some revenge in his feud with Dolph Ziggler, and he got the girl of his dreams in the process. But we still don’t know why Mandy Rose’s best friend Sonya Deville betrayed her by thwarting her date with Dozer and giving Ziggler an opportunity to sweep her off her feet in the first place.

Deville’s been seconding Dolph since her duplicitous actions were revealed by SmackDown’s mystery hacker, so Rose could get answers if she wanted them. But she hasn’t shown any interest in hearing Sonya’s excuses.

It’s gotten to where Deville is so desperate she’s prank calling Mandy’s press appearances. That’s what she did during this week’s edition of Better Together with Maria Menounos.

Rose talked to Menounos about how hurt she is that someone she considered a sister messed with her life like that. They then segued into some calls from fans.

The first caller was cutoff when she asked Mandy “who does your botox?” The next caller pleaded with her to forgive Sonya and reunite with her friend & tag partner before breaking down and revealing her real (kayfabe) identity...

Caller: You and your partner Sonya, I know you’ve had some disagreements, but I think Sonya is actually a really unique and important part of your relationship, and that’s - maybe, maybe I’m saying it’s possible that you’re undervaluing the importance and the contributions she adds to your dynamic, and hard on her, and you should consider taking steps to mend your relationship on both a personal and professional level. You know, or maybe not.

Rose: Yeah, um, I mean, I definitely - I don’t know what to say to Sonya right now. I think - she’s been trying to call me a lot and honestly I don’t really have anything to say to her right now. I think what she did was really out of character of who I know Sonya is...

Caller: But maybe she’s your best friend and she loves you! Y’all were like sisters, I mean you guys lived together, you guys did DaMandyz Donutz together, you guys went to family events together, I mean - you and Sonya, since day one! Don’t let boys get in between you, right?

Rose: No, I agree, boys should not get in between best friends at all, but I didn’t have anything to do with a boy...

Caller: Mandy, Mandy - it’s me Sonya. I’ve been trying to call you. Mandy, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all week, and I text you and you’re not answering me. You’re not giving me an opportunity...

Rose: This is the way you’re trying to get through to me? You’re pranking... oh my god.

Maria tries to mediate, but Mandy isn’t having it - especially after Sonya also admits she was the caller who asked about botox. Better Together’s producer hangs up on Deville, and the show wraps that little bit of storytelling up and moves on.

Menounos - who’s undefeated at WrestleMania, btw - is clearly in on the gag. It’s a fun way to keep the story alive, which is key since SmackDown didn’t really address the Rose/Deville or mystery hacker parts of the angle last Friday.

They’re supposed to at least deal with the Fire ‘n’ Desire break-up tonight (April 17). Join us in the live blog and we’ll find out how together!

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